Coillte – CPL Industries – Dorset Green Machines


Coillte has been firmly at the forefront of the bio-energy sector in Ireland, providing strong leadership in the area of renewable heat.

Coillte has established local biomass supply chains by identifying and addressing the key barriers to industrial scale users of biomass.

By providing long term, secure supply contracts, where clients pay per GJ rather than per tonne, Coillte has enabled significant investment decisions by key industrial partners, stimulating local demand for forest products, both Coillte and private. Over the last 4 years these investments have displaced >8m litres of fuel oil, saving >26k tonnes of carbon emissions, created new employment and underpinned the competitiveness of these export focussed industries.

Coillte’s thought leadership and supporting analysis has directly influenced the recent Government decision to introduce a Renewable Heat Incentive next year. This will further transform the sector, stimulating new investment, jobs and market growth.


CPL Industries

With an annual turnover of £170 million pounds, CPL Industries is Europe’s leading and most innovative manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of solid fuels,employing around 650 people. At the heart of operations is the manufacturing plant in Immingham, North East Lincolnshire which manufactures and supplies the UK and European markets with over 300,000 tonnes of smokeless fuel per year.

CPL Fuels Ireland was established in 2010 and under the stewardship of Tim and CPL Fuels Ireland MD Niall McGuinness, CPL’s new briquetting plant in Foynes is now in full production and is capable of manufacturing around 200,000 tonnes of smokeless solid fuel each year.


 Dorset Green Machines

Total solutions for processing organic waste streams

Dorset Green Machines develops and produces drying equipment for processing organic waste streams such as, sewage sludge, digestate, poultry manure, wood and others.

We specialize in valorizing waste heat by drying waste streams. The dry product is suited for energy production or as a fertilizer.

Drying and/or pelletizing results in:

  • Lower storage and transport costs;
  • Hygienization and reduced emissions/odours;
  • On site waste heat usage
  • New sales and utilization possibilities;

We provide a total solution/processing line, including:

  • Belt drying systems
  • Thickeners
  • Pelletizing equipment
  • Air cleaning equipment