BoxMedia is a turnkey B2B communications and demand/lead generation business. Our comprehensive understanding of vertical industry sectors and communication opportunities places us at the centre of the decision making process.

From traditional paper based publications and physical exhibitions/conferences & awards to digital publications, social media and e-commerce we can assist you in preparing a communication and business awareness marketing programme.

BoxMedia engages with a client on the basis of quantifiable results. Clear communication targets are defined and roles and responsibilities are mutually agreed to ensure there is clarity of purpose. “What gets measured gets done” is an excellent business performance method if you are focused on measuring the right indices.

BoxMedia will work closely with you to understand your customer pipeline to maximize sales and profitability. Using our media experience we will assist you in preparing content-rich, helpful and informative communications while delivering greater visibility and sales opportunities.

The Irish Bioenergy Association have begun a strategic communications relationship with BoxMedia, who will deliver a Nationally recognised conference in 2018.


To receive further information regarding Bioenergy Future Ireland please contact:

BoxMedia (A PB Media Ltd Company)

616 Edenderry Bus.Campus Co.Offaly

Tel: + 353 46 9773434