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Bord na Móna

Bord na Móna BioEnergy is a clean, reliable source of carbon neutral renewable energy

Bord na Móna BioEnergy biomass consists of solid biomass derived from forest residues and sustainable energy crops. New technology means biomass can now meet many of the energy needs of Irish people. Bord na Móna BioEnergy is using biomass in different ways to power and heat homes, communities and businesses. Biomass is Europe’s no.1 source of renewable energy and a key part of the EU strategy to tackle climate change. A well-managed biomass sector supports and maintains large, growing, healthy forests.

Bord na Móna BioEnergy is developing a 100% sustainable biomass supply chain. Biomass imports and domestic supplies both support jobs in the growing Irish biomass sector Bord na Móna BioEnergy is be a reliable supplier of sustainable biomass to local power generation and/or heating projects.

Bord na Móna is transitioning its businesses to 100% renewable energy sources. A key part of this plan is the company’s move to peat free electricity generation by 2030. The company has identified biomass as a strategic requirement in this transition and Bord na Móna see this as an opportunity to provide energy security for the future.

Bord na Móna is already the No.1 consumer and supplier of biomass for heat and power in Ireland and continues to invest heavily in developing our long term domestic biomass supply. Biomass imports and domestic supplies both support jobs in the growing Irish biomass industry.


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DWF’s renewables team has more than 60 legal experts across multiple jurisdictions who specialise in all aspects ofthe energy sector. With full service offices in Dublin and Belfast, we have worked on a large number of the Anaerobic Digestion Plants constructed in Northern Ireland in addition to headline biomass & CHP transactions in Ireland.

DWF offers a unique legal service to Irish and international clients. DWF is an international law firm with full service offices in Dublin, Belfast, London, Manchester, Paris, Singapore, Dubai and several other jurisdictions; for further information please visit our website at www.dwf.law.


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Gas Networks IrelandGas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland is part of Ervia, a commercial semi-state company responsible for gas and water infrastructure and services and the delivery of wholesale broadband solutions in Ireland.

Gas Networks Ireland builds, develops and operates Ireland’s world-class gas infrastructure, maintaining over 13,954km of gas pipelines and two sub-sea interconnectors. Safety and a strong customer focus are at the heart of how the business operates, along with a commercial ethos, reflecting its responsibility for a major gas infrastructure that contributes to Ireland’s social and economic progress.

Natural gas is available in over 160 population centres in 20 counties and there are almost 680,000 users in Ireland. The company is responsible for connecting all new gas customers to the network, and for work on service pipes and meters at customers’ premises, on behalf of all gas suppliers in Ireland.

The company is now committed to decarbonising the network with indigenously produced renewable gas with the objective of supporting 20% renewable gas by 2030 with Nationwide Network Entry facilities.

To connect your business to the natural gas network, contact businesslink at 1850 411 511 and we will be delighted to assist you. Alternatively, you can contact us by email on businesslink@gasnetworks.ie or visit our website www.gasnetworks.ie


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Pentair is committed to providing innovative solutions that help build a safer, more sustainable world.  Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and utilizing renewable energy sources are global challenges which Pentair addresses with its carbon dioxide capture and reuse and biogas upgrading solutions.  The recent addition of Union Engineering’s solutions and services provides customers with greater access to innovative solutions and a wider and complimentary product portfolio.”

Today’s biomethane producers want more than conventional solutions. They strive for an effective CO2 and CH4 recovery management to maximize yield and minimize environmental impact of the biogas plants. Pentair Haffmans’ innovative biogas upgrading technology offers substantial advantages compared to conventional systems.

Biomethane produced with Pentair Haffmans’ biogas upgrading technology has the same specifications as natural gas, which makes it fully compatible with existing natural gas infrastructure and applications. Optionally, the CO2 by-product can be recovered for use in a variety of applications, providing plant operators with an additional source of income

Pentair Haffmans provides a wide range of solutions for biogas upgrading and CO2 recovery. Options range from standard biogas upgrading systems with membrane technology to custom-made solutions that combine biogas upgrading and CO2 recovery to stand-alone CO2 recovery units.

For more information visit

www.foodandbeverage.pentair.comSales.ireland@pentair.com   Phone: + 353 (0) 1 2063546