Carlo Giallombardo

AEBIOM Policy Advisor

“The event was very nice and it was my pleasure to be able to attend it. The organisation was flawless and I think that this was evident both from the perspective of the speakers as well as that of the participants.”

James Cogan

Ethanol Europe Renewables Ltd

Ireland is way behind in its climate action and the 2018 IrBEA conference brought together the people who can and will fix it.   In our view Ireland needs to drive up use of safe effective conventional biofuels in transport.  The conference provided an ideal forum to discuss this with policy, business and environmental leaders.  There was a great buzz and next year the number of people attending will double again.

Jan Hoogerdijk

LLT Export Sales

Excellent conference which was very useful for me as representative of a France based thermal energy system provider to gain insights on the current status and the future of biomass in Ireland. Very well organized, it provided 100 % what it said on the tin.

Kevin Brady

Department of Communication, Climate Action and Environment

“The conference was well structured and organised. It provided a great opportunity to discuss bioenergy with stakeholders from across the sector”

John Mullaney

The Energy Workbench Ltd

“Super numbers, some excellent presentations and good variety of vendors. It was an excellent opportunity to catch up with what is happening in that industry while is poised to take off”

Dr Anne Marie Henihan

Strategic Development Officer - Dairy Processing Technology Centre - UL

“The day was highly informative and the Q&A sessions were handled in a very professional manner. Great day and thank you for organising.”

Paul Boylan


I found the event to be extremely informative and well organised. There was a distinct sense of urgency both at local and national level and the event captured this very well.


  • Excellent event.
  • Great attendance. Indeed attendance was so good that seating was a challenge
  • Some really good stories
  • There was a renewed sense of energy in the room
  • Speakers were very open in reflecting challenges..
  • A personal frustration however is that I do submit comments and queries but they are rarely considered and repositioned when being considered..