James Russell


The IrBEA conference is a critical event in the Irish Bioenergy sector calendar that provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss the key issues facing the industry. The event will help lead to a focused narrative from which to promote and support the development of a thriving bioenergy industry in Ireland which will be key in meeting our national renewable targets.

In organising the IrBEA conference, Boxmedia, through peerless professional planning and implementation, create an excellent and unique platform for stakeholders to engage and greatly aids the promotion of the bioenergy sector.

Michael J Donnelly

Erova Energy

Excellently organised and a good venue

Emer O’Siochru

Irish Biochar Cooperative Society Ltd

Great presentation: even better networking opportunities.

Geraldine O’Sullivan

Farm Forestry Executive

The conference provided a great opportunity to learn more about what is happening in the sector, to get the latest information from those developing policy and supports that will hopefully ensure that the sector will achieve its potential. To hear about the projects that have and are being developed and how we can ensure that the barriers these projects have experienced are addressed so that application and development processes are streamlined and made more user friendly and efficient.  From an IFA perspective it was important to put farmers and rural communities are at the centre of this development as establishing sustainable biomass supply chains will be key to the expansion of the sector.  

Thank you to all the IrBEA team for your professionalism and I look forward to next years’ event.

Hilco Hakman

ESB Smart Energy Services

I herewith would like to congratulate you and the Boxmedia team with the well organised IrBEA event last Wednesday in Croke Park.

Great and diverse line up of speakers and great attendance numbers.

Chris Johnston


This is always an excellent opportunity to network with others from the sector. The location is ideal with talks in the auditorium and every opportunity to develop discussions outside where the food / stands are.

Julian Beatty

Nova Q Ltd

It was a good event and though there was, as always for IrBEA, too much focus on biomass, there was a better balance than before. I am not a fan of the venue as space is cramped for the exhibition area.

Marc McLoughlin

Natural Power

The event was really interesting. I'm someone who has 14 years experience in the wind industry. Moving into the renewable heat space this is a get event to gain a broad understanding of the industry.

Having said that it was perhaps too broad. There is everything from domestic scale fuel supply to utility scale project development. Focus sessions next year might help such as a breakout on large scale AD or a separate activity on fuel supply.

The event was certainly well attended.